Welcome to PriceWisher. We provide buyers with tools to make smarter purchases and gain some cashback from each purchase you make on Aliexpress.

This project was born after many years of online purchasing experience at many different online shops and platforms from around the globe, our preferred platform is Aliexpress. It have huge variety of sellers and products that will satisfy every buyer need. Unfortunately the price seems to us, buyers always a bit high. This project will try to solve this problem by indicating when the price is just perfect for you. 

Price watcher

After watching many sales we found out that almost all products have various discounts from time to time, PriceWisher provide a unique way to find those discounts. Just add product to your watch list using the Add product page or even better and easier using a chrome extension, simply add wanted price, how many days you are willing to wait to get the deal and we will do the rest. We will check the price on daily basis for the price drop and let you know when the price is exactly what you want it to be. Sometimes buyers want to get price that is too low, so 2 days before watching period is ends we will let you know what was the minimal price of the product, by this letting you adjust the wanted price if it is acceptable or extend the watching time.


Cashback feature will let you to gain back small portion (8%) of your order total payment. The cashback feature can be used only by registered users. After the registration process user can use "Use Cashback" button on Cashback page. Some recommendation how to use cashback feature:

1. Place all the wanted items in Aliexpress shopping cart.

2. Press "Use Cashback" button on our web page or chrome extension. You will be forwarded to Aliexpress page. If you use mobile device the redirection will take you to Aliexpress mobile application.

3. Place the order.

Mobile Cashback - Important step

In order to make sure that the Cashback will work on your smartphone/tablet and other mobile devices, you need to do next steps.

For Android devices, Go to Settings>Application manager.

Enter the Aliexpress application details and press "CLEAR DEFAULTS" button.

Once you done go to the Cashback page and press "USE CASHBACK" button.

This will bring Android menu that will ask you what is the application that should be used to open the link.. Choose your preffered browser (Chrome for example) and select Always use this app.

Then you will see that the link is loaded and Aliexpress application should be loaded. This means that the process id done correctly.


After a while you will see the order's details on cashback page. The order can have number of statuses:

1. Waiting - The order in process by Aliexpress.

2. Pending - The order is on the way to its recipient or wait for buyer approval. It takes some time for Aliexpress to release the cashback after the buyer approved the reception of the order. Once the cashback will be released by Aliexpress user will see it in cashback page.

3. Complete - The order is completed, cashback is available

4. Rejected - The order was refunded, cancelled or other reason for being rejected by Aliexpress. This status indicates that no cashback will apply for it.


Price Wisher is a free project and we have many great ideas and features we would like to add to the project in order to help you, buyers, get even better deals, to make the shopping really smart. If you like to support our project and would like to see its full featured version you can write us an email (support@pricewisher.com) we will be glad to hear from every one of you , any idea or improvement, anything.